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Multiple Fandom Fanfiction Community

Fanfic in any fandom and genre welcome.

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Name:Multiple Fandom Fanfiction Community
Location:United States of America
Website:Multiple Fandom Fanfiction Asylum.
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:This is a multiple fandom, multiple genre fanfiction community.
This is a place to post all your fanfiction. Doesn't matter the fandom, pairing, or kink, all are accepted.

Few Rules:

No Off Topic Posts. This means if it isn't fanfiction, recommendation for fic, or an announcement about a fanfic, it isn't allowed. This includes announcements about other communities without a moderator's permission.

No Flaming. If you have to say something bad, post it to your own journal.

Spoilers must be behind a lj cut. The coding for a cut is begin: < lj-cut > end: < /lj-cut > without the spaces.

All fics longer than 100 words must be behind the a lj-cut as well.

Challenges Are Accepted. Please use the challenge tag for your post, though, for easy access. If you plan to put a time limit on the challenge, please make sure you state this on the post.

No underage sexual activity. All sexual scenes between characters must be 16 or older. No exceptions. For Expanding upon this, click here!

Use Tags. If there isn't one for your fandom/fic, leave a message on a moderator post and I will create one for you.

All fics must have a disclaimer saying you do not own the fandom/character. This is non-negotiable.

RPS is allowed if you use a boldly stated disclaimer, no cutesy (if I owned them). Use "This in no way reflects the people portrayed in this work of completely fabricated fiction." as an example.

Do not link to friends locked posts.

Warning: All posts without a disclaimer will be deleted by discretion of moderator after two clear warnings. You have been warned.

Please use a standard header. Header includes:

Author's Name:
Author's Note:

"I suck at summaries" is not a summary and is just plain lazy; please do not put it in the header.

The works of these authors are not allowed: * Anne Rice * Archie comics * Dennis L. McKiernan * Irene Radford * J.R. Ward * Laurell K. Hamilton * Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb * P.N. Elrod * Raymond Feist * Robin Hobb * Robin McKinley * Terry Goodkind

Ratings are as follows: General. Teen. Adult. Explicit. This is to be adhered to. Please use the right rating for your story.

When in doubt, see what others have already done when posting. If you still have questions, leave a note on the moderator's post.

Our Affiliates:
[community profile] t_31_bang: A mini-Big Bang with a twist!
[community profile] 6_of_dylandog: A six degrees of Dylan Dog: Dead of Night fanfiction and fanart community.

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